How To Craft A Dissertation Dedication That Will Be Approved

There are people who inspire you in your academic journey. Though they do not contribute in kind or through assistance, they are the reason you decided to pursue you decided to pursue the degree. These are the special people who appear in dedication in dissertation.

The dedication chapter does not form part of your academic material. However, it must receive the attention it requires as part of your overall paper. If the dedication of dissertation is targeted at the special people in your life, they must be given the best words. They will appreciate when you craft a captivating page just for them. Here is a professional guide on crafting the dedication.

  • It is a part of your thesis- the dedication is part of your paper that appears before the introduction chapter. It will therefore form part of the sections being graded. In fact, there is a specific format for your dissertation dedication page. This format must be adhered to unless you want to attract penalties.
  • The dedication is personal- you cannot be forced to dedicate a paper to a particular individual or institution. You are the sole determinant of who receives the dedication. It could be to your family, friend, an institution, a course or any entity that pleases you. While the wording may be questioned, the person or institution remains your prerogative.
  • Use any method you deem fit to dedicate- choose the words that best describe your target. The words used range from dissertation dedication quotes, a poem, or even prose. You can include the picture or even a caricature that best captures your desired message. This is a perfect show of personal appreciation and will not come under any scrutiny during defense or grading.
  • This page is optional- the dedication page is not mandatory for academic papers. This leaves you at liberty to include or exclude it. You will never be penalized because your paper did not have a dedication. This personal and thus explains why you have to choose the words and format.
  • It is formatted – since this is an entry into your dissertation, it must adhere to basic formatting rules. This ensures that it does not appear like an appendix into your paper. It must create a sense of uniformity that other than appear like another document. As indicated in dissertation dedication examples, there is no much formatting required. You only need to use the right font, the recommended size and spacing. The margins should also be standardized with only the title of the chapter in bold.

It is not an acknowledgement- do not confuse the dedication with acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is for people who helped you through the writing process. Dedication is to people or institutions that were your inspiration in the process of writing. Dissertation dedication examples will help you differentiate the two chapters. Only ensure that the samples are obtained from credible websites to avoid compromising on the quality of your work.

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